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Agrucapers keep trusting Ferlo

The leading caper company relies on Ferlo for its new pasteurizer

Thirty years have passed since Ferlo manufactured its first pasteurizer forAgrucapers de Aquilas (Murcia). Now, the world’s leading caper production company demonstrates that it continues to rely on us as its star supplier for its new pasteurizer.

Agrucapers already works with its new Ferlo.

With an annual turnover of more than 30 million euros and the trust of eight-star Michellín, Martín Berasategui, Agrucapers already works with its new Ferlo brand pasteurizer. A great pride for us that does nothing but ratify one of our main objectives: the quality of our equipment and the trust of our customers in the Ferlo brand.



With extensive experience in the manufacture of pasteurizers, our specialties include pasteurization systems for bags, trays and very unstable containers such as those used for squeezes.With a body divided into zones of preheated, pasteurized precooled and cooled.
Each zone works with its independent installation.





Agrucapers sigue confiando en Ferlo