Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022!


The Ferlo team wishes you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022!

The last few months have been a hard and complicated journey. However, for another year we have done it again. We have walked together again. One more year, Ferlo continues to grow hand by hand with its customers and its loyal team.


A 2021 filled with new challenges

Although the current situation has not been easy, it has been that same situation that has taught us to adapt, more if possible to the situations that arise in a continuously developing world. Therefore, this year Ferlo has expanded its offices and its staff in order to always be able to offer the best and most innovative response to all its clients.

Ferlo’s growth is synonymous with the trust that its customers, year after year, place in us. This is why, like every end of the year, we thank you. Thank you for trusting Ferlo. Thank you for creating with us the family that we are. Thank you for making this path a challenge. And finally, thank you for sharing your achievements with us. May 2022 continue to be a growth. May we continue to walk together in 2022.

#stillbeingwithyou #keepwalikgtogether

Due to the Christmas holiday, Ferlo will be closed from December 24 to January 9, both included.

To contact our FerloCare department: +34 666 326 607

¡Merry Christmas andHappy New Year2022!

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Welcome to Dubai

One of the most important fairs in the food industry is back

Following the crisis caused by COVID-19, Gulfood Manufacturing reopens its doors to the world’s leading innovators in food manufacturing, processing and packaging. One more year the event will take place at the Dubai Wolrd Trade Center on November 7, 8 and 9.
An appointment that Ferlo, a faithful bettor for innovation, could not miss. For the seventh consecutive year, Ferlo will be one of the exhibitors at one of the most pioneering fairs in the market. We want to see you, listen to you and help you, therefore, you can find us in Hall 8 Stand A8-20.

High Speed Handling

The gateway to the Arab and African markets

Gulfood Manufacturing, known as the largest food and beverage processing event in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia region, it can register more than 26,000 visitors from more than 150 countries.

Divided into the three segments Ingredients Middle East, ProPack Middle East and Food Logistics Middle East, the event provides valuable insights into the latest trends in ingredients, manufacturing processes, food processing, logistics, warehousing and packaging of food products. The accompanying conference is intended to illustrate the benefits that can be derived from business relationships with partners in the MEASA region. In general, the event is a good opportunity to enter new markets and establish new contacts.

To contact our FerloCare department:

+34 666 326 607

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021!

Together we have done better. Together we have made it possible.

The Ferlo team wishes you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021!

If this year has taught us something, so different and so complicated in many aspects, it is that TOGETHER we can do everything. Ferlo has been wishing you a Merry Christmas for over fifty years and this year could not be different.

This year we have realized that what makes us truly different is our team, the team behind each of our machines. Those people who, despite the adversities of recent months, always aim to continue to maintain the market’s confidence in Ferlo. A team of which all our clients are part.

We want to thank all that team for making Ferlo, once again, a world reference in the construction of machinery for the food industry. Thanks to all the team that has allowed Ferlo to continue being a reliable and quality option for our clients.

And, of course, as part of our essential team, we want to thank all our customers who have chosen Ferlo for this difficult 2020.


Due to the Christmas holiday, Ferlo will be closed from December 24 to January 6, both included.

To contact our FerloCare department: +34 666 326 607

¡Merry Christmas andHappy New Year2021!

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Ferlo launches the new version of FerloView, your trusted program

Ferloview, the program that will give you more in less time and for less cost












Ferlo continues to innovate to ensure that our clients have more for less. Less time and less cost.


That is what the new version of FerloView provides.


From the I+D team, the new version of the software platform has been created, consisting of an application with a network architecture whose purpose is to help the company in increasing productivity, operating time, reducing costs and improving quality when carrying out the most productive productive process.



  • Real-time machinery supervision.
  • Visualization and history of alarms.
  • Acquisition of process data for subsequent management.
  • Editing and viewing of recipes.
  • Screen access security levels.
  • Compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 at the software level.











Advantages and Development

  • Personalization of the application according to production needs.
  • Instrumentation visualization.
  • Process Charts in real time.
  • Management of protected recipes according to user privileges.
  • Export of data in a format compatible with market software to carry out data management as desired.
  • Compliance with regulations established by the EU.
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We strive to be Closer to you

Closer to you

Specialized and personalized commercial presence around the world

The objective of Ferlo is to provide a personalized, direct and close care to our clients. Therefore, every day we work to be able to offer constant support in the search for more competitive solutions in the shortest possible time. At Ferlo we strive to be closer to you.

Holland, Brazil, Argentina, India, South Korea, Chile, Mexico, Algeria … are some of the countries in which Ferlo already has its own facilities from where it offers a technical-commercial service to meet immediate response needs and professional of our clients.
Emerging countries in which thanks to these commercial agents
Ferlo can offer the best answer, in addition to a fast and efficient spare parts service and technical assistance.

A specialized and faster technical-commercial service
We work with the best logistics agencies with the sole purpose of streamlining the delivery procedures for our spare parts and machinery so that our products can reach all corners of the world.

Likewise, our technical-commercial service goes to the place where we are needed. In addition, our machines are equipped with a modem that facilitates the resolution of possible breakdowns 365 days a year at any time, thus reducing the inconvenience that these may cause.
Present at the largest trade shows

We want to meet you and know what your projects are for that, Ferlo travels to the big exhibition fairs around the world.

Gulfood (Dubai), Dzagro (Algeria), Anuga FoodTec (Germany) … will be some of the fairs in which we can see each other in 2021.



This summer may be different for many reasons, but above all, for everything we have achieved. And, once again, we have done it together.

0 contagions in Ferlo

As a preventive measure, our Human Resources department tested the entire Ferlo team. The results of the tests were negative for the entire team, thus guaranteeing the absence of COVID-19 among us. A fact that has allowed us to continue with you throughout this health crisis.


Ferlo has facilitated “teleworking” for all those workers who have needed it due to the situation suffered. We have learned to be closer even when far away.

Schedule adaptation

In order to reduce the number of trips and, with it, the risk of contagion, as well as help family reconciliation in this difficult situation for the entire Ferlo team, the management decided to adapt the schedule from 7: 00-15: 00.

More than 40 autoclaves

All this effort translates into successful work by the entire Ferlo team: more than 40 autoclaves since the health crisis caused by COVID-19 began. A job that is synonymous with Ferlo being with you during this difficult situation.

Continuity in technical assistance

Always under extreme security measures and complying with government regulations, our technicians have moved to provide technical assistance to all clients who have requested it.
For all this, we have to thank you,
once again, the patience and trust placed in the entire Ferlo team. Likewise, we want to tell you that this summer will be different for many reasons but that we continue with you.

Standby mode

Ferlo will be closed from August 3 to 14, both included.
However, our technical service will remain in “Standby” mode and will be available at
666 326 607 or at for all those emergencies that require attention.

Happy summer and thanks for being with us

Rotary autoclave

Ferlo Rotary System, your Rotary System

Do you rotate with us?

At Ferlo we know that each product requires personalized treatment and care, therefore, our teams are adapted to each and every one of the needs of each product. Dairy products, coffee, baby food … are some of the items that require a specific sterilization system: the Rotary. The Ferlo rotary system is a system in which the engineering team works 365 days a year with the sole purpose of ensuring that the teams always present the latest advances that make the Ferlo team a cutting-edge team.

The latest in rotary system

The Ferlo rotary autoclave bases its sterilization system on the internal rotation of the cage where the product is housed. By means of the heat and cold transmission system by means of Spray. This system can work on a rotary or on a pendulum. One of the most outstanding features of our system is that it works by rotating the spray showers together with the cage. Thus avoiding the spin effect and guaranteeing a perfect homogenization of the temperature to the product. Likewise, thanks to this outstanding characteristic, the process time and the energy consumed are considerably reduced.

Characteristics that differentiate the Ferlo Rotary system

  • Four motors for turning with the possibility of working: in 360º rotation; in static and pendular mode.
  • Maximum working pressure: 5 bar.
  • Higher rotation speed and can reach up to 14rpm.
  • Automatic clamping of the cages.
  • Vertical and horizontal airbag system (from bottom to top and from left to right), thus avoiding the movement of products inside the autoclave.
  • Baskets with greater capacity for greater production with the same diameter as the competition.
  • Programming highly developed by our R&D department to provide sterilization solution to a wide variety of products.
We think different because we make the difference

We think different because we make the difference

At Ferlo we have a passion: innovation. We know that our clients need the latest and most personalized product or, what is the same: the best.

That is why our R&D department never rests on offering the best versions of our products to our clients. Or what is the same, at Ferlo we always strive to make the difference that our clients require.

What makes Ferlo a leading company?

  • High quality design and construction
    • All our machines are built in 304L stainless steel.
    • Robust high-tech machinery.
    • Maximum optimization of the designs of our Engineering department.
  • Commitment to the environment
    • Our machines are designed from the respect and care of the environment designed to reduce waste and excessive energy consumption.
    • Less consumption, less expenses.
  • Thermal equipment equipped with the latest control systems
    • Insulation and lining.
    • Comprehensive control of temperature and pressure.
    • PT probes.
    • Electro-positioned control valves.
    • PID control.
  • Always complying with the regulations
    • HACCP
    • EC
    • FDA / USDA
    • ASME
  • Our own software system: Scada
    • Supervision of the machine in real time.
    • Alarm history.
    • Data register.
    • Registration of recipes.
    • Security levels.
    • FDA21 and CFR 11.
  • PLC customized to the needs of our client
  • On-line supportThe trust of our clients goes through an excellent technical service. That is why, thanks to the control panels of our machines, which include their own modem, Ferlo can give direct and monitored attention to our customers, 365 days a year.
  • The ultimate in security
    Internal control of pressure and water level in order to avoid possible accidents.
    Automatic door system.
    Security detectors in danger zones.
    Certified Risk Analysis.
  • After-sales department: FerloCare
    • Maintenance service and spare parts worldwide.
    • Specific warehouse for spare parts.
    • On-line and on-site technical support.
    • Commercial support.
    • Development of personalized projects.
  • Pilot plant
    • Own laboratory available to our customers so they can test their products on our wide range of equipment.
    • DecisionLab available to our clients.
    • Technical support and advice.
  • Present all over the world
    • Presence in the five continents.
    • Own offices in various countries of the world for personalized service.

We have been in the market for more than 50 years, consolidating our presence throughout the world, always maintaining the motto “Innovation attitude”.



Ferlo joins the positive message launched by the agri-food industry under the slogan #ThisWillHappen

At Ferlo we continue to work to maintain our priority: Commitment to our customers and, consequently, to the Food Industry.

This sector has wanted to send a message of hope under the hashtag #ThisDoesn’tHavetoStop and #ThisWillHappen. Messages to which Ferlo, as involved in two of the sectors named as priorities (the food and pharmaceutical industries), wants to join. Two sectors that continue to this day, and despite the adversities, working so that the impact of COVID-19 is less.

From Ferlo we want to communicate to our clients that we act responsibly, always under extreme safety measures and the recommendations of the health system, in order to guarantee food safety in all the products that are put on the market. Likewise, as a preventive measure, we have proceeded to reduce the working day from 8:00 to 15:00. However, our clients may contact us as usual. Without further delay, emphasize that Ferlo joins #ThisDoesn’tHavetoStop in order to guarantee that #ThisWillHappen.

Furthermore, we have also created our own positive message:

We are still with you (#stillbeingwithyou).

We continue working to continue offering the best service

We continue working to continue offering the best service

Our fundamental pillar is commitment to our clients

Due to the current situation that our country is going through, and with the aim of minimizing the potential risks that could occur as a result of the coronavirus, we inform you that, both in our offices and in the workshop, we have adapted our service in 7 hours: 00-15: 00 during this week. Both will remain closed, as planned due to the local calendar, Thursday and Friday.

Likewise, we want to make you aware that Ferlo is taking the pertinent measures against the spread of the virus (COVID-19) for which, in addition, it has informed all its staff of detailed operating instructions to ensure compliance with health standards. in relation to uniforms and personal hygiene.

Regarding the loading and unloading of merchandise, Ferlo guarantees that the processes are carried out according to the protocols established by government organizations.

Finally, and always subject to a situation that is constantly changing, deliveries abroad are being made according to the established deadlines since, currently, transport is not subject to any limitations.

We appreciate, once again, your trust in us and your patience in these situations.

We hope to return to work normally as soon as possible