This summer may be different for many reasons, but above all, for everything we have achieved. And, once again, we have done it together.

0 contagions in Ferlo

As a preventive measure, our Human Resources department tested the entire Ferlo team. The results of the tests were negative for the entire team, thus guaranteeing the absence of COVID-19 among us. A fact that has allowed us to continue with you throughout this health crisis.


Ferlo has facilitated “teleworking” for all those workers who have needed it due to the situation suffered. We have learned to be closer even when far away.

Schedule adaptation

In order to reduce the number of trips and, with it, the risk of contagion, as well as help family reconciliation in this difficult situation for the entire Ferlo team, the management decided to adapt the schedule from 7: 00-15: 00.

More than 40 autoclaves

All this effort translates into successful work by the entire Ferlo team: more than 40 autoclaves since the health crisis caused by COVID-19 began. A job that is synonymous with Ferlo being with you during this difficult situation.

Continuity in technical assistance

Always under extreme security measures and complying with government regulations, our technicians have moved to provide technical assistance to all clients who have requested it.
For all this, we have to thank you,
once again, the patience and trust placed in the entire Ferlo team. Likewise, we want to tell you that this summer will be different for many reasons but that we continue with you.

Standby mode

Ferlo will be closed from August 3 to 14, both included.
However, our technical service will remain in “Standby” mode and will be available at
666 326 607 or at for all those emergencies that require attention.

Happy summer and thanks for being with us

We think different because we make the difference

We think different because we make the difference

At Ferlo we have a passion: innovation. We know that our clients need the latest and most personalized product or, what is the same: the best.

That is why our R&D department never rests on offering the best versions of our products to our clients. Or what is the same, at Ferlo we always strive to make the difference that our clients require.

What makes Ferlo a leading company?

  • High quality design and construction
    • All our machines are built in 304L stainless steel.
    • Robust high-tech machinery.
    • Maximum optimization of the designs of our Engineering department.
  • Commitment to the environment
    • Our machines are designed from the respect and care of the environment designed to reduce waste and excessive energy consumption.
    • Less consumption, less expenses.
  • Thermal equipment equipped with the latest control systems
    • Insulation and lining.
    • Comprehensive control of temperature and pressure.
    • PT probes.
    • Electro-positioned control valves.
    • PID control.
  • Always complying with the regulations
    • HACCP
    • EC
    • FDA / USDA
    • ASME
  • Our own software system: Scada
    • Supervision of the machine in real time.
    • Alarm history.
    • Data register.
    • Registration of recipes.
    • Security levels.
    • FDA21 and CFR 11.
  • PLC customized to the needs of our client
  • On-line supportThe trust of our clients goes through an excellent technical service. That is why, thanks to the control panels of our machines, which include their own modem, Ferlo can give direct and monitored attention to our customers, 365 days a year.
  • The ultimate in security
    Internal control of pressure and water level in order to avoid possible accidents.
    Automatic door system.
    Security detectors in danger zones.
    Certified Risk Analysis.
  • After-sales department: FerloCare
    • Maintenance service and spare parts worldwide.
    • Specific warehouse for spare parts.
    • On-line and on-site technical support.
    • Commercial support.
    • Development of personalized projects.
  • Pilot plant
    • Own laboratory available to our customers so they can test their products on our wide range of equipment.
    • DecisionLab available to our clients.
    • Technical support and advice.
  • Present all over the world
    • Presence in the five continents.
    • Own offices in various countries of the world for personalized service.

We have been in the market for more than 50 years, consolidating our presence throughout the world, always maintaining the motto “Innovation attitude”.