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Innovation Attitude

We think different

Ferlo Company is a business dedicated to the manufacture of machinery for the food and pharmaceutical industries, always manufacturing with the premise of adapting the production processes to the specific needs of each client, offering tailored solutions for each project.

Ferlo is imbedded with an attitude that applies to all its work processes. It is the permanent and constant desire to offer increasingly advanced solutions This understanding of the processes in the food industry makes Ferlo always find opportunitiesto do new things or in new ways.

This innovative attitude of continuously improving, exchanging knowledge with customers is part of the philosophyof Ferlo. Currently, Ferlo is the innovation referencein sterilization in the food industry and pharmaceutical world.

Our history

2019 — 50 anniversary Ferlo

2018 — Southeast Asia office opening

2017 — Autoclave no. 2000 in the world

2012 — Manufacture of the 800th autoclave

2010 — Shaka autoclave launched

2010 — Shaka autoclave launched

2002 — Opening of a new line of autoclaves

2001 — Second move to a 12,000 m2 facility

1985 — Transfer to a 3,000 m2 facility

1985 — Expansion of Ferlo to domestic and international market

1975 — Extension of the facilities to 500 m2

1969 — Ferlo Machinery Foundation S.A.

Business alliances

Allpax – Industry Leading Sterilization and Processing Machinery

Kiremko – Complete processing lines, factory upgrades and capacity expansions

Serrano – Design and manufacture of machinery for the food industry.

Hermasa – Canning technology for anywhere on the planet.

We manufacture solutions

We study your project, analyze your needs and offer you a complete solution for your production process, improving the efficiency of your company.

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