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Care and maintenance service


Ferlocare is the care and maintenance service for machines and software that Ferlo offers customers.

Ferlocare consists of a Customer Service Centre where you will be attended to in a personal and direct manner. An Support & Maintenance service, staffed by experts that guarantee our products function perfectly. And a management service for original spare parts of the highest quality.

Ferlocare offers various programmes adapted to the needs of every customer.

ferlocare upgrade
ferlocare upgrade

Because the autoclave is the heart of your plant. Designed for our costumers all over the world who have Sterifer autoclaves. The aim of this program is the renewal of customer’s machines by adapting them to new technologies. Reducing losses in time and money and extending the machine’s working life.

Download PDF FerloCare Upgrade

ferlocare assistance
ferlocare assistance

In Ferlo your peace of mind is our first priority. Ferlocare engineers have developed an annual manteinence to care for your autoclave. Because preventive mantainance ensures the reduction of costs, waste and eneregy consumption, and avoid stops in the production process.

Download PDF FerloCare Assistance

ferlocare validation
ferlocare validation

A program designed in colaboration with CNTA, an FDA and international entities recognized independent process authority with renowned international prestige.

This arrengement between Ferlo and CNTA makes it possible for our clients to have an independent and objective validation & verification of Ferlo machines, processes, training and the monitorization of thermal processes.

CNTA offers specialized seniortechnicians with scientific backgrounds and more than 10 years experience, to develop, implement and validate the thermal processes.

Download PDF FerloCare Validation