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Ferlo continuous pasteurizing/cooling tunnels offer the possibility of being able to process different types of packaging. From cans, glass jars, plastic containers to bags with alignment at the entrance and exit of the tunnel in an orderly manner. Our tunnels can be adapted according to the needs and specifications of the client according to their production process and type of product.

Heating system by means of water that flows in the form of rain on the containers. Water heating by means of plate or tubular heat exchangers. Various dimensions according to the different productions in different formats (cans, glass, bags…)

Body divided into preheated, pasteurized, precooled and cooled zones. Each zone works with its independent installation. The regulation of the preheating, precooling and cooling zones are carried out automatically by means of a sophisticated mechanism to obtain an optimum flow rate for the proper functioning of the machine at all times. Entries and exits of the containers by means of transverse hinged chain draggers at different speeds. Exit combs to avoid falls of the containers.


  • Easy regulation of belt speed based on meters/minute.
  • Independent temperature programming for each zone.
  • Acoustic and visual alarm system.
  • Automatic regulation of the pre-cooled and pre-cooled heating zones.
  • Various dimensions according to the different productions in different can or glass formats.
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