Shaking Autoclave

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The Ferlo shaking autoclave , bases its operation on that of the static autoclave Ferlo. That is, the transmission of hot and cold water through re-movement through exchanging heat plates either in spray or cascade.

With an additional lineal movement of up to 60 pulses per minute.

This autoclave is suitable for products that require constant movement during the sterilization process.

With a range of diameters Ø800, Ø950, Ø1380 and Ø1520. Built in stainless steel AISI 304L from 6-10 mm thick.


  • Maximum working temperature: 150 ° C.
  • Maximum working pressure: 5 bar.
  • Capacity of two (2) to twelve (12) Baskets
  • Machinery built under EC regulations.
  • Warming and cooling of the product through water cascade or spray re movement.
  • The water is indirectly heated by being sent to stainless steel exchanging heat plates for indirect heating by means of a pump.
  • The heating and cooling of the water we use at all levels of the process is carried out in the exchanging heat plates using steam and cold water.
  • All autoclaves are equipped with ALLEN BRADLEY processes automatic box .

Soups, Pures, Precooked Foods, Dairy Products, Latte, Chocolate Milk, Soya Milk.