Automatic Circuit

imagen lateral circuitos

Ferlo designs and manufactures complete lines allowing the entire manufacturing process; loading, unloading to and from the baskets and introduction into the autoclave, to be carried out automatically: Automatic Circuit.

This is constantly controlled by software that controls the whole process.


The Automatic Ferlo circuits are composed of the following elements:

      • Motorized trolley for loading the autoclave baskets.
      • Motorized trolley for unloading the autoclave baskets.
      • Motorized basket collection within the circuit.
      • Conveyor belt for transporting the two spacers from loading to unloading.
      • Built in stainless steel
      • Movements of independent carriages provided by speed-controlled motors.
      • Full automation of the entire circuit through programmable digital controller.
      • Centralized electrical  control panel for all maneuvers.