The Fastest loader in the market. While the normal loaders realize between 2 and 3 layers by minute. The High Speed Loader is capable of making up to 9 layers per minute. A speed that implies a less waste of time in the process of encestado of the product and that, in addition, maximizes the performance.

The High Speed Loader Ferlo is designed to load multiple baskets in a shorter time thanks to:

  • The intelligent hydraulic indexing used for its construction.
  • Automated handling of its sliding blades.
  • A double table of formation of containers.
  • Robust design and construction.
  • A faster change of format adapted to the client’s need.

The High Speed Loader is created for the packaging of all types of rigid circular containers. Inaddition, it provides maximum performance flexibility.

Its motorization in the harrowing area has frequency inverters and controllers.

All this built in high strength stainless steel.