Ferlo e-View


Ferlo incorporated the new management software called e-View into their control systems, based on an industrial PC system, programmed for the automatic operation control of process cycles.

e-View allows recording functions and data storage.

The software platform by Machinery Ferlo consists of an application with an architecture network whose purpose is to help the company in increasing productivity, save time, reduced costs and improved quality when performing the production process.

e-View Key Features

Our software industry is characterized by:

  • Monitoring equipment in real time.
  • Alarm display and history.
  • Process data acquisition for subsequent management.
  • Editing and viewing recipes.
  • Levels of security access screens.
  • Compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 software level.

Advantages & Development

  • Customization of the application according to production needs.
  • View of instrumentats and valves.
  • Graphic of process in real time.
  • Management of protected recipes according to user privileges.
  • Data exported in a format compatible with market software for conducting analysis of the data as desired.