Ferlo Foundation Machinery, Inc.

23 March, 1969

Founded in 1969 by Rafael López Serrano. The variety of cultures rooted in the area led to a thriving canning industry for which Ferlo provides all kinds of machinery and services for all production processes.

Installations upgrade

23 March, 1975

In 1975 due to the high demand of the market the first expansion occurs at a facility of 500 m2.

Ferlo’s expansion

1 January, 1985
historia 3

An investment is made in new inversion techniques and continuous training of specialized personnel allowing growth to match the pace of the market, expanding into new domestic and international markets.

Relocation of installations

12 March, 1985
Ferlo antiguo

The demand for high-end products such as those built by Ferlo leads to a further move in 1985 to their installations of 3000 m2.

Second relocation

23 March, 2001
historia 2

In 2001 a new transfer occurs to a facility of 12,000 m2, governed by Mr. Rafael Lopez Dominguez forming part of one of the most modern and innovative machinery food industry companies.

Opening a new line of autoclaves

1 January, 2002
historia 6

A new line of autoclaves for the pharmaceutical industry is opened, increasing the quality of their products. A rotation system is developed for products requiring movement during the thermal process.

International expansion

1 January, 2008

The opening own offices in India, Peru and Korea.    

Releasing Shaka autoclave

1 January, 2010

The presentation of autoclave Shaka revolutionized the market for thermal processes in the world.

Making Autoclave number 800

12 March, 2012

In 2012 Ferlo manufactured its 800th autoclave.