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lineaalcachofa Ferlo has a partner in the development and design of complete lines of process of different types of food, based on specific specifications in each case.

The design and integral production of the Complete Lines is carried out covering the specific needs of our clients.

Serrano has extensive experience in the food industry, being one of the first manufacturers in the world in the manufacture of process lines.

Today, Serrano Tecnología para la Alimentación, is a solid and modern company, leader in the manufacture and distribution of technology for the Food Sector.

Our products are the reflection of years of hard work and concern to innovate and offer every day something better.


  • Artichoke Line Line of Vegetable Concentrated Tomato Fresh tomato Asparagus Mushroom Preparation of Marmalade Pepper

Vegetable, Pepper, Fresh tomato, Mushroom, Fuits, Legumes, Canned and Frozen and Asparagus.