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Ferlo designs and manufactures lines that allow the entire manufacturing process to be completed: Automated Batch Retort Systems (ABRS).

The ABRS mechanize the entire basketing and unbasting process and introduction into the autoclaves. All this constantly controlled by software that controls all processes.


  • Motorized trolley for extracting the baskets from the autoclaves
  • Motorized trolley for inserting the baskets from the autoclaves
  • Motorized circuit for the return movement and accumulation of the baskets
  • Motorized chain conveyor for transporting the two separators from the unbasher to the basketer.
  • Total stainless steel construction
  • Independent carriage movements by means of motor-speed reducers
  • Complete automation of the entire circuit by means of a programmable digital automaton
  • Centralized electrical panel for the control of all the maneuvers.
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